• Technology Quiz – 1

    1 Introduction of 3G Services in Telecommunication Industry will not include which of the following features?
    A)  Video Streaming
    B)  Stock Transactions
    C)  E-Learning
    D)  E-Governance
    2 Which country follows the United States and China in total number of Internet users?
    A) Germany
    B) United Kingdom
    C) France
    D) Japan
    3 Where was Hewlet -Packard launched the HP Network University in India recently?
    A) Panaji.
    B) Hyderabad.
    C) Chennai
    D) Bangalore
    4 A TI-83 is a
    A)Old Antique Computer
    B)Scientific calculator
    C)Intel processor
    D)Slide Rule Model
    5 Microsoft launched its Windows Phone 7 and a search engine in the Indian market this year, name the search engine.
    A) Buzzer
    B) Jest
    C) Peer
    D) Bing
    6 Who is known as the father of computers
    A) James Gosling
    B) Don Bissell
    C) Alan Turing
    D) Charles Babbage
    7 Name the country that has recently developed a super computer that runs at more than one quadrillion (one thousand million) calculations per second
    A) China
    B) Japan
    C) India
    D) Germany
    8 Amazon.com Inc. uses which hardware platform to display e books?
    A) Apple Inc.’s iPhone and iPad
    B) Barnes and Noble’s Nook
    C) Kindle
    D) Sony Reader
    9 Which of the following launched Penryn chips?
    A) American Micro devices (AMD)
    B) Intel
    C) Texas Instruments
    D) Samsung
    10 Which of the following launched of its Barcelona processor?
    A) American Micro devices (AMD)
    B) Intel
    C) Texas Instruments
    D) Samsung

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