• Technology Quiz – 6

    51 Best known as one of the inventors of the barcode, for which he received US Patent, he died recently in Dec 2012. Name him?
      A) Bernard Silver
      B) Eugene Polley
      C) William Goddard
      D) Norman Joseph Woodland
    52 Which company has invented airbag for the smart phones to protect them from sudden fall?
      A) Samsung
      B) Apple
      C) Amazon
      D) Nokia
    53 Which hollywood film became the first major studio film released at 48 frames per second (48fps)?
      A) The Amazing Spiderman
      B) The Dark Knight Rises
      C) The Hobbit
      D) Life of Pi
    54 The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS), a distributed computing project designed to hunt for a particular kind of prime number, has identified the world’s largest prime number yet which has over ____ digits.
      A) 16 million
      B) 21 million
      C) 17 million
      D) 19 million
    55 Outlook.com is a web mail service launched by?
      A) Google
      B) Yahoo
      C) Facebook
      D) Microsoft
    56 Which country developed the world’s fastest super computer named as “Tianhe-2”, as per semi-annual TOP 500 listing of the world’s fastest supercomputers released in June 2013?
      A) UK
      B) USA
      C) China
      D) Germany
    57 One of the inventors of the computer mouse and a computer visionary, has died at the age of 88 in July 2013. Who was he?
      A) Douglas C. Engelbart
      B) Vannevar Bush
      C) Ivan Sutherland
      D) Tim Berners‑Lee
    58 Which global tech giant has unveiled its first tablet named “Surface” in June 2012?
      A) Nokia
      B) Amazon
      C) Google
      D) Microsoft
    59 Which Tech giant has recently launched tab computer called “Nexus”?
      A) Samsung
      B) Apple
      C) Google
      D) IBM
    60 Which in the list was termed as the fastest computer in the world recently?
      A) Sequoia
      B) K Computer
      C) SuperMUC
      D) Tianhe-1A


    Check below for Answers:














    51 Ans) Norman Joseph Woodland
    52 Ans) Amazon
    53 Ans) The Hobbit
    54 Ans) 17 million
    55 Ans) Microsoft
    56 Ans) China
    57 Ans) Douglas C. Engelbart
    58 Ans) Microsoft
    59 Ans) Google
    60 Ans) Sequoia


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