• Technology Quiz – 3

    21 The conversion of code into machine language is known as?
      A) Programming
      B) Translation
      C) Execution
      D) Compilation
    22 Which model presents the idealized view of the software development cycle?
      A) Top-down
      B) Rapid development
      C) Bottom-up
      D) Waterfall
    23 Which of the following is a text-based approach to documenting an algorithm?
      A) Diagramming
      B) Flow analysis
      C) Flow charting
      C) Flow charting
    24 Extreme Programming and Adaptive Software Development  comes under which SDLC methodology?
      A) V-Shaped Model
      B) Spiral Model
      C) Agile model
      D) Waterfall model
    25 Acceptance Testing is performed?
      A) By customer in his own premises
      B) By QA team
      C) By developer
      D) By Testing Team
    26 To ensure that system developed, performs well in both normal and anticipated peak conditions, which testing is required?
      A) Load Testing
      B) Stress Testing
      C) System Testing
      D) UAT Testing
    27 Scrum is an example of which software development?
      A) Agile
      B) RAD
      C) Spiral Model
      D)  Helical Model
    28 Popular name of “Linear Sequential Model” in SDLC is?
      A) Waterfall Model
      B) V-Model
      C) Fish Model
      D) Prototype Model
    29 Which model emphasizes on the need to go back and reiterate earlier stages as the project progresses?
      A)  Water Fall Model
      B) Spiral Model
      C) Fish Model
      D) Rapid Prototyping
    30 The first step in the systems development life cycle is?
      A) Analysis
      B) Design
      C) Problem/Opportunity Division
      D) Build and Development


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