• Supply Chain

    Supply Chain includes all activities and processes to procure all the raw materials from all the suppliers and deliver the end-products or services to the final consumers. Often it includes more than one company in whole chain including the suppliers, distributors etc.

    Basic Features of Supply Chain

    • The supply chain is the series of links and shared processes that exist between suppliers and customers.
    • Any number of companies can be linked in the supply chain.
    • These links and processes involve all activities from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of finished goods to the end consumer.
    • While the distribution system can be direct from supplier to customer, depending on the products and markets, it can contain a number of distributors such as wholesalers, warehouses, and retailers.
    • Raw materials enter into a manufacturing organization via a supply system and are transformed into finished goods.

    The finished goods are then supplied to consumers through a distribution system. Generally, several companies are linked together in this process, each adding value to the product as it moves through the supply chain.

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