• Steps towards CMM level 5

    The basic requirement for CMM level 5 is casual analysis and continuous improvement which is explained later from a typical software project point of view.

    Causal Analysis and continuous improvements

    The main steps for proper Causal Analysis and continuous improvements are as follows:

    1. Prepare a Defect Prevention (DP) plan and get this reviewed and approved from the quality team. It should contain the following

    a) The scope of DP
    b) The frequency of DP Meetings
    c) The procedure to capture minutes and findings of DP
    d) The procedure to perform root cause analysis for the defects
    e) Take necessary steps based on the analysis

    1. Causal Analysis reports needs to be prepared after the Brainstorming for DP Meet to target Key causes and the prevention strategies.
    2. The improvement from DP needs to be analyzed after each DP to check what improvements were planned and how much has been achieved. The benefits from DP need to be documented as Defect Prevention Reports.
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