• Steps towards CMM level 3

    The basic requirement for CMM level 3 is Quality assurance, Verification and Validation and Risk Management. All these steps are explained later from a typical software project point of view.

    Quality Assurance

    The main steps for proper Quality Assurance are as follows:

    1. Should have the Signed off Requirements document from the client. With that all deliverables like Test Strategy, Test Specifications, and Test Summary should be signed offed and Sign off mails should be stored appropriately.
    2. Should have an Acceptance Criteria Clearly defined for the project or release and a sign off should be obtained from client on the same.

    Verification and Validation

    The main steps for proper Verification and Validation are as follows:

    1. All designs documents should be internally reviewed for consistency and completeness and traceability to requirements.
    2. Self-Review checklists should be maintained for each of the Work product to capture majority of Documentation errors.
    3. All the Metrics Analysis Reports should be shared and explained to the complete team.
    4. Please ensure that all checklists, templates should be taken from Pride and should be tailored according to the project needs. All Processes and the deviations taken should be captured in the integrated project management tool.

    Risk Management

    The main steps for proper Risk Management are as follows:

    1. Project should be evaluated to find the potential risks which should then be classified into different areas.
    2. Project risks should be monitored and tracked properly.
    3. Risk Exposure = Probability * Impact
    4. Risk Management Guidelines should contains

    a) Risk Identification and categorization
    b) Arriving at Probability and Impact values for a risk
    c) Calculating the Risk Exposure
    d) Common Risks and Mitigation plan for different types of projects

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