• Steps towards CMM level 2

    Each project by default is initially at CMM level 1. The basic requirement for CMM level 2 is Effective Requirement Management, Project Planning, monitoring and control, Quality assurance. All these steps are explained later from a typical software project point of view.

    Requirement Management

    The main steps for proper requirement management are as follows:

    1. The first Step towards Requirement Management is to have a signed off Project Authorization document which can be also work as a statement of work (SOW). This should be stored and archived.
    2. Project Scope should be clearly defined and documented.
    3. Requirements should be baselined. And should state the in scope and out of scope requirements properly.
    4. Requirement Change ManagementAny change in requirements should be tracked to ensure that the change is propagated till the last stage of software life cycle

    Project Planning

    The main steps for proper project planning are as follows:

    1. The project needs to start with an official Kick-Off meeting. The Minutes of this meeting need to be captured and stored.
    2. Project Management Plan should be updated, approved by higher management and basedlined after the review process.
    3. Study the Configurable and Non-Configurable Items for the project and draft a Configuration Management Plan and get this approved from the Quality team.
    4. Estimation should be done for Effort, Cost and Defects and shared with the client.
    5. The Quality Management plan should be designed. This will include designing the strategies for Quality and Productivity Metrics and defect Prevention Guidelines.

    Project Monitoring and Control

    The main steps for proper Project Monitoring and Control are as follows:

    1. All data should be properly captured and tracked to monitor the project properly.
    2. Status of project should be reviewed after constant interval and the status should be recorded for monitoring purpose.
    3. Milestone Reports should be submitted in regular intervals to higher management.

    Process and Software Quality Assurance

    The main steps for proper Process and Software Quality Assurance and Control are as follows:

    1. Quality audits should be performed regularly.
    2. Each project should have the Configuration Management Audits planned once in 2 months.
    3. All Deliverables should undergo a review and the review defects should be captured properly.
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