• Software Capability Maturity Model

    SCMM is the framework used to evaluate the maturity level of a process used in different projects of an organization. Maturity Level of a process is the measure of the organization’s capability to produce low cost, high quality software at the same time, on assessing the present maturity level the organization can improve the process to attain higher levels of process maturity

    Key Process Area (KPA)

    It is a set of practices followed in a particular discipline or domain oriented towards reaching the objectives of the organization which when implemented properly leads to improvement in the respective discipline or domain.

    Levels of Maturity

    There are five level of process maturity and they are

    1. Level 1 – Initial
    2. Level 2 – Repeatable
    3. Level 3 – Defined
    4. Level 4 – Managed
    5. Level 5 – Optimizing

    Level 1 – Initial

    Basic features in this level

    • No Process Models
    • No Planning
    • Improper Decision Making
    • No associated KPA (Key Process Area)

    Level 2 – Repeatable

    Basic features in this level

    • A process is followed which is repeated for similar projects if successful
    • Processes followed are under the control of Project Management System
    • Plans of future projects are prepared based on the performance of the activities of past projects
    • Disciplined Level

    Level 3 – Defined

    Basic features in this level

    • Importance to documentation
    • All project related activities are documented, reviewed , standardized and integrated with organizational processes
    • Tracking of functionality and quality
    • Monitoring and controlling of cost and schedule

    Level 4 – Managed

    Basic features in this level

    • Importance to metrics
    • Collection and Analysis of metrics
    • Determining metric limits
    • Taking corrective actions to restore the momentum if metric limits are exceeded or fall short of

    Level 5 – Optimizing

    Basic features in this level

    • Continuous improvement of process
    • Improvement is achieved in two ways
    1. Measuring the key metrics based on quality, cost and time
    2. Introducing new techniques, methods, tools and strategies

    Check the CMM Levels and Respective Key Process Areas for the Key process areas for each SCMM levels.

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