• Recruitment

    Recruitment refers to the complete process of attracting and selecting a qualified or suitable person for the vacant position through proper interview or screening process. The proper recruitment process is very important for a company as it meets the future workforce demand with some specific skill set and provides a suitable resource for any vacant job position. The recruitment screening processes should be finalized based on the company vision and long term growth objectives.

    Challenges faced in Recruitment

    • Attract people with multi dimensional backgrounds
    • Induct Outsiders with new perspective
    • Develop a culture that attracts people to company.
    • Locate people whose personalities fit the company’s values
    • Design entry pay that competes on quality and not quantum
    • Search for talent globally and not within the company only

    Recent changes in Recruitment trends

    • Hunting for people who worked in diversified back grounds and taken wide area of responsibilities.
    • Constantly look for new people in the job market
    • Allowing employees to seek new skills and learn new technologies
    • Inducting new talents at all levels in organization
    • Search outside the company also for top jobs like CEO, CFO etc. to bring outside experience in the management
    • Recruiting from different backgrounds, campuses, even from different sectors
    • Looking for cultural fit, interests of people to expand in other countries or regions
    • Use of psychographic tests to judge the psychometric position of the prospective employees
    • Training recruiters to use multisession depth interviews

    Best Practices used by different companies for Recruitment

    • Build the possibility of stock ownership into your compensation package. Ex – CISCO
    • Highlight your corporate culture as good reason to work for your company. Ex- Southwest Airlines, Wal-mart, HP
    • Focus on career growth opportunities that your organization offers to recruits. Ex – 3M
    • Include young line managers & B-school alumni in the recruiting team. Ex-Deloitte
    • Build relationship with institutes & students to grab them before rivals. Ex-TCS
    • Showcase corporate culture – B-school grads are looking for level of responsibility, degree of autonomy, potential & scope for learning. Ex- Asian Paints
    • Present all the facts about your company. Don’t promise something that you cannot deliver. Ex – ICICI, Cadence Design systems.
    • Get in early through summer placement, offering PPO, building special relationships viz. offering scholarship, sending your managers to teach on campus etc. Ex – Sun Microsystems
    • Hire the best-fits people well suited for your company.  Target all– rounder instead of a topper
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