• Rapid Application Development (RAD)

    Rapid Application Development (RAD) is an incremental software process model that puts more importance on short development. A RAD software development approach helps the team to create create a fully functional system or the main part of overall system within a very short span of time frame.

    Here the requirements have to be communicated and understood properly.

    Basic features of RAD model

    • Incremental software development process model that emphasizes an extremely short development cycle.
    • If requirements are well understood and project scope is constrained, the RAD process enables a development team to create a fully functional system within very short time periods (like 60 to 90 days).
    • They may work on different components of the system or the full system separately.

    Disadvantages of the RAD model

    • RAD requires  sufficient human resources to create right  number of RAD teams
    • RAD requires developers and customers who are committed to the rapid-fire activities necessary to get a system completed in a much abbreviated time frame.
    • If a system cannot be properly modularized, building the components necessary for RAD will be problematic.
    • RAD is not applicable when technical risks are high. This occurs when a new application makes heavy use of new technology or when the new software requires a high degree of interoperability with existing computer programs.

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