• Practice Test: Verbal Ability – 48


      Directions (Questions: 1-15) –

    Each question below a part of the sentence is printed in bold type. The part printed in bold type may contain an error. Below each sentence four phrases are given which are numbered a), b), c) and d) of these can substitute the part of the sentence in bold type to-correct it. The number of that part is answer.If the part of the sentence which is printed in bold type is correct as it is, mark e) i.e. correction required’ as your answer.

    1 He firmly believes on punctuality and discipline.
      a)firmly believes in
      b)believes firmly with
      c)firm believer on
      d)firmly believes into
      e) No correction required
    2 When they reach the airport, the flight had departed.
      a)While they reach
      b)When they reached
      c)When they had reach
      d)When they were reached
      e) No correction required
    3 The police find it easy to prove the guilty but not innocent of the accused.
      a)guilt but not the innocence
      b)guilty but not innocence
      c)guilt not the innocent
      d)guilt but not innocents
      e) No correction required
    4 Census reports in India have voiced concerned over the declining trend in the sex ratio.
      a)voice concern over the declined
      b)voiced concerned about the declining had
      c)voiced concern in the declining
      d)voiced concern over the declining
      e) No correction required
    5 I have told the architect to put on his best in the assignment he was handling.
      a)to put in
      b)to have put up
      c)is putting to
      d)put down
      e) No correction required
    6 I was not extravagant as I only bought what is necessary.
      a)only bought which was
      b)bought only what was
      c)only bought what were buy
      d)only what was
      e) No correction required
    7 She reported that she had finished the project assigned to her.
      a)will have finished
      b)having finished
      d)have finished
      e) No correction required
    8 His narration that he was finding the umbrella in the street cannot be trusted.
      a)found the umbrella
      b)has been finding umbrella
      c)had being finding the umbrella
      d)found a umbrella
      e) No correction required
    9 The striking workers complained of being unjust treatment.
      a)being treated unjust
      b)unjustly treated
      c)being unjustly treated
      d)being justly treated
      e) No correction required
    10 It is undesirable to run away from every danger, risksmust not be taken.
      a)no risks must be
      b)any risk must be
      c)although risks must never be
      d)some risks must be
      e) No correction needed
    11 Cricketers in India earn high salaries in relation with other sports.
      a)in comparison
      b)in comparison with those in
      c)in relation to
      d)when compared to
      e) No correction needed
    12 They will use 200 crore to redesign the park over a five year period .
      a)redesigning the park over a five year period
      b)to redesign of the park over a five year period
      c)to redesigning over a five year period the park
      d)over a five year period to redesign the park
      e) No correction needed
    13 The Government has to ensure that there are no scams as far as compensating goes.
      a)no scams as far as compensation
      b)any scam in compensating
      c)no scams for compensating
      d)no scams are there as far as compensation
      e) No correction needed
    14 The debate did not present the real issues which were touching to the common man in India.
      a)which were touching for
      b)that will be touching on
      d)that were touching for
      e) No correction needed
    15 Members were debarred from contesting elections.
      a) Debarred to contest
      b)debarred to go to contest
      c)debarring contesting
      d)debarred from the contest of
      e) No correction required
      Directions (Questions: 16-20) –


    In each sentence below four words have been printed in bold which are numbered a), b), c) and d) of these words may be misspelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the wrongly spelt or inappropriate word. If all four words are correctly and appropriate the answer is e) i.e. ‘All correct.’

    16 Mary constantly talks about herself irregardless of other people’s interests.
      a) constantly
      b) irregardless
      c) people’s
      d) interest
      e) All correct
    17 All roads, hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area were devastated.
      a) hotels
      b) restaurants
      c) surrounding
      d) devastated
      e) All correct
    18 As soon as Gates presented his proposal Murthy summoned his advisors.
      a) presented
      b) proposal
      c) sumoned
      d) advisors
      e) All correct
     19 Committee is stranded unless the storm lets up.
      a) Committee
      b) stranded
      c) unless
      d) lets
      e) All correct
    20 The Minister gave an exceptional  speech at the inauguration.
      a) Minister
      b) exceptional
      c) speech
      d) inauguration
      e)All correct
      Directions (Questions: 21-30):

    In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are again given below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

      Physically challenged people have (21) made (22) in the corporate workplace but certainly not as much as they had (23). We have new laws, rules and (24) relating to physically challenged people in, workplace, but what we have not changed much is our (25). Physically challenged people have fallen short in their goals because we (26) the potency of the affluent need to (27) their power. We can (28) abide by the laws and rules we create in order to (29) physically challenged people an equal opportunity in the corporate workplace and still not (30) the problems that afflicted and eventually capsized the physically challenged people’s raft.
    21 a) undoubtedly
      b) perhaps
      c) seldom
      d) not
      e) optimistically
    22 a) efforts
      b) progress
      c) automation
      d) attempts
      e) decisions
    23 a) predisposed
      b) encompassed
      c) prescribed
      d) foresight
      e) expected
    24 a) cases
      b) policies
      c) problems
      d) revolutions
      e) rallies
    25 a) patterns
      b) decision
      c) behavior
      d) population
      e) achievements
    26 a) retaliate
      b) respect
      c) permit
      d) depleted
      e) underestimate
    27 a) lack
      b) diminish
      c) know
      d) maintain
      e) evolve
    28 a) occasionally
      b) submissively
      c) them
      d) partially
      e) scrupulously
    29 a) deny
      b) assure
      c) deprive
      d) classify
      e) share
    30 a) solved
      b) measured
      c) emphasize
      d) create
      e) overcome


    Check below for answers















    1 A) firmly believes in
    2 B) When they reached
    3 A) guilt but not the innocence
    4 D) voiced concern over the declining
    5 A) to put in
    6 B) bought only what was
    7 E) no correction required
    8 A) found the umbrella
    9 C) being unjustly treated
    10 D) some risks must be
    11 B) in comparison with those in
    12 E) no correction requred
    13 A) no scams as far as compensation
    14 C) touching
    15 E) No correction required
    16 B) irregardless
    17 E) all correct
    18 C) summoned
    19 D) lets
    20 B) exeptional
    21 A) undoubtedly
    22 B) progress
    23 E) decisions
    24 B) polices
    25 C) behavior
    26 E) underestimate
    27 E) evolve
    28 E) scrupulously
    29 A) deny
    30 E) overcome


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