• Practice Test: Verbal Ability – 46


      Directions (Questions: 1-5):

    Pick out the most effective word/phrase from the given words to fill in the blank to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

    1 The festival must be perceived as an effort to ___________ relations between both nations.
      a) confirm
      b) evoke
      c) pave
      d) swap
      e) improve
    2 The morning _________ was shattered by her terrified screams.
      a) routine
      b) services
      c) tranquility
      d) prayers
      e) excitement
    3 Our team __________ to make every effort to clinch the title.
      a) practiced
      b) vowed
      c) believed
      d) try
      e) decide
    4 ___________ by the female anopheles mosquito malaria is common during the monsoon.
      a) Typical
      b) Aggravated
      c) Inflicted
      d) Acquired
      e) Transmitted
    5 The Government failed to _____________ the steep rise in prices of essential commodities.
      a) examine
      b) debate
      c) check
      d) defend
      e) decrease
      Directions (Questions: 6-10):

    In each sentence below four words have been printed in bold which are numbered a), b), c) and d). Each of these words may be misspell or inappropriate in the context of the sentence. Find out the wrongly spelt or inappropriate word. The number of that word is the answer. If all four words are correctly spell and appropriate the answer is e).

    6 Those unfortunate children (a) are slogging twelve hours (b) a day to earn (c) a livelyhood. (d) AII correct (e)
    7 The Director decided (a) in favour of (b) raising the salaries of (c) all employers. (d) All correct (e)
    8 It is my firm (a) believe that (b) he will emerge (c) victorious. (d) All correct (e)
    9 The National (a) Cadet Corpse are (b) used to compiled with (c) his wishes. (d) All correct (e)
    10 He promised (a) to give me permission (b) if compiled (c) with his wishes. (d) AII correct (e)
      Directions (Questions: 11-15):

    Rearrange the following six statements (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; then answer the questions given below them.

      (A) There are various ways to reduce this gap.
      (B) However as the success of the telecom, airline and banking industries shows it is not these but competition among educational institutions which is the solution.
      (C) Today, there is a huge demand in industry for talented youth with certain skill sets.
      (D) Feedback from industry indicates that the reason for this trend is a huge gap between the skill sets required in the market and the education system output.
      (E) Many recommend privatization or corporatization of the education system.
      (F) Despite this there is a trend of many graduates including engineers being unemployed.
    11 Which of the following should be the SECOND statement after rearrangement?
      a) B
      b) C
      c) D
      d) E
      e) F
    12 Which of the following should be the THIRD statement after rearrangement?
      a) A
      b) B
      c) C
      d) D
      e) E
    13 Which of the following should be the FIFTH statement after rearrangement?
      a) A
      b) B
      c) C
      d) D
      e) E
    14 Which of the following should be the SIXTH (LAST) statement after rearrangement?
      a) B
      b) C
      c) D
      d) E
      e) F
    15 Which of the following should be the FIRST statement after rearrangement?
      a) A
      b) B
      c) C
      d) D
      e) E
      Directions (Questions: 16-25):

    In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, live words are suggested one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

      Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was born in Gujarat on 31st of October 1875 into a family of patriots. His father was a farmer and (16) for India’s freedom from the British. Vithalbhai, Vallabhbhai’s elder brother (17) also a well known patriot. He was the Chairman of the Indian Legislative Council. From a young age itself Vallabhbhai was very (18) and raised his voice (19) injustice. His (20) was to become a barrister like his brother. He studied very bold and traveled to England and passed the Barrister at Law Examination. (21) he returned to India he set up a practice in Ahmedabad which was very successful-and he (22) a lot of money.


    Around this time the struggle for freedom was gaining a lot of (23). Gandhiji attended a conference in Gujarat where he met Vallabhbhai and they (24) friends. In 1918, Vallabhbhai took on the (25) of leading the farmers of Gujarat. He was very successful in his struggle against the British and became a prominent leader in the freedom struggle.

    16 a) argued
      b) condemned
      c) encouraged
      d) decided
      e) fought
    17 a) met
      b) been
      c) was
      d) had
      e) who
    18 a) dependent
      b) sympathetic
      c) annoyed
      d) courageous
      e) submissive
    19 a) amidst
      b) against
      c) shouting
      d) for
      e) with
    20 a) ambition
      b) intelligence
      c) vigour
      d) anxiety
      e) understanding
    21 a) However
      b) Although
      c) After
      d) Be tore
      e) Immediately
    22 a) offered
      b) earned
      c) wasted
      d) paid
      e) demanded
    23 a) people
      b) assurances
      c) criticism
      d) momentum
      e) money
    24 a) became
      b) supported
      c) consulted
      d) met
      e) assembled
    25 a) burden
      b) suggestion
      c) action
      d) duty
      e) responsibility



    Check below for answers
















    1 E) improve
    2 C) tranquility
    3 A) practiced
    4 E) transmitted
    5 C) check
    6 D) a livelyhood
    7 D) all employers
    8 B) believe that
    9 B) cadet corpse are
    10 C) if compiled
    11 E) F
    12 D) D
    13 E) E
    14 A) B
    15 C) C
    16 E) fought
    17 C)  was
    18 D) courageous
    19 B) against
    20 A) ambition
    21 C) after
    22 B) earned
    23 D) momentum
    24 A) became
    25 E) responsibility


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