• Practice Test: Quantitative Aptitude – 40


    1 Which number should replace both the question marks (?) in the following equation?
      ?/576 = 256/?
      a) 384
      b) 398
      c) 404
      d) 416
      e) None of these
    2 If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 200% and the denominator is increased by 350%. The resultant fraction is 5/12. What was the original fraction?
      a) 5/9
      b) 5/8
      c) 7/12
      d) 11/12
      e) None of these
    3 If 3Y + 9X = 54 and 28X/13Y = 140/39, then what is the value of Y- X?
      a) –1
      b) – 2
      c) 2
      d) 1
      e) None of these
    4 The difference between the 3/4thof 4/5thof a number and 1/6thof 2/5thof the same number is 648. What is the number?
      a) 1110
      b) 1215
      c) 1325
      d) 1440
      e) None of these
    5 On a School’s Annual Day sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 112 children. But on that particular day, 32 children were absent. Thus the remaining children got 6 extra sweets. How many sweets was each child originally supposed to get?
      a) 24
      b) 18
      c) 15
      d) Cannot be determined
      e) None of these
    6 If 3 and 4/5 is subtracted from 6 and 3/5 and difference is multiplied by 355 then what will be the final number?
      a) 1004
      b) 884
      c) 774
      d) 994
      e) None of these
    7 An order was placed for supply of carpet of breadth 3 metres, the length of carpet was 1.44 times of breadth. Subsequently the breadth and length were increased by 25 and 40 percent respectively. At the rate of Rs. 45 per square metre, what would be the increase in the cost of the carpet?
      a) Rs. 1020.6
      b) Rs.398.8
      c) Rs.437.4
      d) Rs.583.2
      e) None of these
    8 The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 7803sq. mts., what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?
      a) 51 metres
      b) 153 metres
      c) 104 metres
      d) 88 metres
      e) None of these
    9 Ratio of Rani’s and Komal’s age is 3 : 5 respectively. Ratio of Komal’s and Pooja’s age is 2 : 3 respectively. If Rani is two-fifth Pooja’s age, what is Rani’s age?
      a) 10 years
      b) 15 years
      c) 24 years
      d) Cannot be determined
      e) None of these
    10 In a mixture of milk and water the proportion of water by weight was 75%. If in the 60 gms mixture 15 gms. water was added, what would be the percentage of water? (weight in gms.)
      a) 75%
      b) 88%
      c) 90%
      d) 100%
      e) None of these
    11 The sum of five numbers is 290. The average of the first two numbers is 48.5 and the average of last two numbers is 53.5. What is the third number?
      a) 72
      b) 84
      c) 96
      d) 108
      e) None of these
    12 In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘SMART’ be arranged?
      a) 25
      b) 60
      c) 180
      d) 200
      e) None of these
    13 A sum of Rs.2,236/- is divided among A, B and C such that A receives 25% more than C and C receives 25% less than B. What is A’s share in the amount?
      a) Rs. 460/-
      b) Rs. 890/-
      c) Rs. 780/-
      d) Rs.1,280/-
      e) None of these
    14 The average weight of a group of 53 girls was calculated as 58 kgs. It was later discovered that the weight of one of the girls was read as 65 kgs., whereas her actual weight was 45 kgs. What is the actual average weight of the group of 53 girls? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)
      a) 58.62
      b) 58.37
      c) 57.37
      d) 57.62
      e) None of these
    15 What would be the compound interest obtained on an amount of Rs.20,000/- at the rate of 15 p.c.p.a. after 4 years?
      a) Rs.14,980.125
      b) Rs.19,680.125
      c) Rs.16,780.125
      d) Rs.18,980.125
      e) None of these


    Check below for answers



    1 A) 384
    2 B) 5/8
    3 B) -2
    4 B) 1215
    5 C) 15
    6 D) 994
    7 C) Rs.437.4
    8 A) 51 metres
    9 D) cannot be determined
    10 E) none of these
    11 E) none of these
    12 E) none of these
    13 C) Rs.780
    14 D) 57.62
    15 A) Rs.14,980.125


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