• People involved in Six Sigma Projects

    Sponsor: Senior executive who sponsors the overall Six Sigma Initiative and who is responsible for implementing Six Sigma within the business

    Master Black Belt: A Master Black Belt is the team member who is able to show their capabilities beyond the Black Belt role in Six Sigma project management. They should have extraordinary abilities and able to guide a Six Sigma project.

    Black Belt: Highly experienced person with four weeks of classroom training and has managed several projects and is an expert in Six Sigma methods / tools. Responsible for coaching / mentoring / training Green & Yellow Belts and for helping the Sponsor and Champions keep the initiative on track.

    Green Belt: Professional who acts as a team leader on Six Sigma projects. Typically has one week of classroom training in methods, statistical tools, and (sometimes) team skills, participates on a Black Belt project team or leads smaller projects.

    Yellow Belt: Typically has two days of classroom training in methods and basic statistical tools, participates on a Green Belt project team or leads smaller projects.

    Team Members: Professional who has general awareness of Six Sigma (through no formal training) and who brings relevant experience or expertise to a particular project.

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