• New People Management

    New people management refers to merging corporate needs with individual’s needs to motivate the entire workforce. Companies rely on their people as the only source of competitive advantage today and the human resource management ensures the convergence of corporate and individual needs.

    Structure of New People Management

    Following are the different structures for New People Management.

    • —Recruitment: Hiring people having knowledge, experience, skills and behavior best suited for the role and the company
    • Performance Management: Evaluate performance of all the employees based on their work and delivered product/services
    • Training and Development: As the working environment changes, bridge the gap between the abilities individuals possess and what are required through different types of trainings.
    • Appraisal and Reward: Ensure proper appraisal and reward for the employees when the corporate goal is achieved
    • Organization Exit: Provision for planned separation of employees whose contribution no longer add value to a company’s processes.

    Ethical Issues

    These are the main ethical issues involved in the New People Management

    • Recruitment: Recruiters can get biased during hiring
    • Compensation: Heavy salaries to the top management is increasing the divide
    • Appraisal: Managers are less committed to accuracy and honesty and use this process for political purposes.
    • Reward: Organizations have a tendency to reward behaviors that facilitate unethical behavior. For eg. “do what it takes to get the job done”.
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