• Microsoft Windows Shortcut Keys

    Shortcut Key Function
    Alt + Tab Switch between open applications
    Alt + Shift + Tab Switch backwards between open applications
    Alt + Print Screen Create screen shot for current program
    Ctrl + Alt + Del Reboot/Windows® task manager
    Ctrl + Esc Bring up start menu
    Alt + Esc Switch between applications on taskbar
    F2 Rename selected icon
    F3 Start find from desktop
    F4 Open the drive selection when browsing
    F5 Refresh contents
    Alt + F4 Close current open program
    Ctrl + F4 Close window in program
    Ctrl + Plus Key Automatically adjust widths of all columns in Windows Explorer
    Alt + Enter Open properties window of selected icon or program
    Shift + F10 Simulate right-click on selected item
    Shift + Del Delete programs/files permanently
    Holding Shift During Bootup Boot safe mode or bypass system files
    Holding Shift During Bootup When putting in an audio CD, will prevent CD Player from playing
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