• Microsoft Power Point Short Keys



    Shortcut Key Function
    Ctrl +Shift +F6 Go to previous presentation window
    Ctrl + F6 Go to next presentation window
    Alt + F10 Maximize power point application window
    Ctrl + F10 Maximize presentation window
    Ctrl + F5 Restore presentation to previous size
    Backspace Delete character left
    Ctrl + Backspace Delete word left
    Delete Delete character right
    Ctrl + Delete Delete word right
    Ctrl + X Cut
    Ctrl + C Copy
    Ctrl + V Paste
    Ctrl + Z Undo
    Ctrl + N Open new presentation
    Ctrl + O Open existing presentation
    Ctrl + W Close
    Ctrl + S Save
    F12 Save as
    Ctrl + P Print
    Ctrl + Q Exit power point
    Ctrl + Y Redo
    Ctrl +D Duplicate
    Ctrl + F Find
    Ctrl + H Replace
    Ctrl + Shift + F7 Update links
    Ctrl + G Show guides
    Shift + Click view button Switch to master view
    Ctrl + M Create new slide
    Ctrl + Shift + M Create new slide without new slide dialog
    Alt+ Shift + D Add date
    Alt + Shift + P Add page number
    Alt + Shift + T Add time
    Ctrl + T Format character
    Ctrl + E Center paragraph
    Ctrl + J Justify paragraph
    Ctrl + L Left align paragraph
    Ctrl + R Right align paragraph
    Left arrow One character left
    Right arrow One character right
    Up arrow One line up
    Down arrow One line down
    Ctrl + left arrow One word left
    Ctrl + right arrow One word right
    End To end of line
    Home To beginning of line
    Ctrl + up arrow Up one paragraph
    Ctrl + down arrow Down one paragraph
    Ctrl + end To end of page
    Ctrl + Home To start of page
    Shift + Tab To previous object
    Tab To next object
    Shift + F4 RepeatĀ  find or go to
    B (in Presentation mode) Black or un black screen
    W (in Presentation mode) White or un white screen
    S (in Presentation mode) Show or hide the arrow pointer
    Esc (in Presentation mode) End slide show
    E (in Presentation mode) Erase drawing on-screen
    H (in Presentation mode) Go to next slide if it is hidden
    T (in Presentation mode) Rehearse with new timings
    O (in Presentation mode) Rehearse with original timings
    M (in Presentation mode) Rehearse with mouse-click advance
    Ctrl + P Change pointer to pen
    Ctrl + A Change pen to pointer
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