• Marketing Quiz – 59

    581 The course of a product’s sale and profit over its lifetime is called ___________
      A) The sales chart
      B) The product life cycle
      C) The adoption process
      D) None of These
    582 A ___________ is a name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of all these which is used to identify a company or product or service.
      A) Product Name
      B) Logo
      C) Brand
      D) None of these
    583 The best advertisement is _____________
      A) A satisfied Customer
      B) On internet
      C) TV media
      D) Print media
    584 Market Research is needed for _____________
      A) Deciding the market area
      B) Deciding the right-product to be sold.
      C) Making proper marketing decisions
      D) All of these
    585 In addition to product , price, promotion, the augmented marketing mix for services include all of the following EXCEPT;
      A) People
      B) Packaging
      C) Process
      D) Physical evidence
    586 The advantage of telephone interview are _____________
      A) Relatively low cost per interview
      B) Good for reaching important people who are inaccessible
      C) Securing Co-operation which is not always possible
      D) Both A and B
    587 Proper pricing is needed for _____________
      A) Extra charges of extra services
      B) Levy of VAT
      C) Good customer services
      D) Putting burden on the customers
    588 Bank Marketing means _____________
      A) Selling of Banks
      B) Merger of Banks
      C) Selling bank’s products and services
      D) None of these
    589 Rural marketing is not required because-
      A) Rural people do not understand marketing
      B) It is not practical from the cost point of view
      C) It is sheer wastage of time
      D) None of these
    590 Market expansion means-
      A) Hiring more staff
      B) Buying more products
      C) Recruiting more staff
      D) None of these


    Check below for Answers:



    581 Ans- C)
    582 Ans- B)
    583 Ans- A)
    584 Ans- D)
    585 Ans- B)
    586 Ans- D)
    587 Ans- C)
    588 Ans- C)
    589 Ans- D)
    590 Ans- D)


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