• Marketing Quiz – 58

    571 Planned-cost service means_________
      A) Costly products
      B) Extra profit on the same cost
      C) Extra work by seller
      D) All of these
    572 Internet marketing means_________
      A) Self-marketing
      B) Core Groups monitoring
      C) Employees marketing
      D) None of these
    573 Effective marketing helps in-
      A) Developing new products
      B) Creating a competitive environment
      C) Building demand for product
      D) All of these
    574 A good seller should have the following qualities-
      A) Developing the work
      B) Submissive
      C) Sympathy
      D) All of these
    575 In marketing terms Attitude can best be defined as a ___________
      A) Rude behaviour of Salesperson
      B) Rude behaviour of consumer
      C) Mental state of consumer
      D) None of these
    576 Reference group influences Vis-a-Vis consumption decision is a function of the ___________
      A) Product Category
      B) Group characteristics
      C) Group communication process
      D) All of these
    577 Just in time (JIT) technique was first introduced in ___________
      A) India
      B) America
      C) Japan
      D) None of these
    578 Which of the following expresses Maslow’s Motivation theory best ___________
      A) Importance of Motivation for customer development
      B) Why people are driven by particular need at particular times.
      C) Where human needs are arranged in a hierarchy.
      D) all of these
    579 The long term objective of marketing is ___________
      A) Customer satisfaction
      B) Profit maximization
      C) Cost cutting
      D) Profit maximization with customer satisfaction
    580 Of the following pricing methods___________ is not for new product-
      A) Market skimming
      B) Penetration
      C) Discriminatory pricing
      D) None of these


    Check below for Answers:



    571 Ans) B)
    572 Ans) D)
    573 Ans- D)
    574 Ans- D)
    575 Ans- C)
    576 Ans- D)
    577 Ans- C)
    578 Ans- D)
    579 Ans- D)
    580 Ans- A)


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