• Marketing Quiz – 57

    561 Services offered by the banks fall under category of goods?
      A) Inseparable
      B) Which can be touched
      C) Intangible
      D) Which can be evaluated only after use
    562 Different products remain in existence for a different limited period. This is called _________
      A) Product life cycle
      B) Product growth cycle
      C) Product maturity
      D) Product decline
    563 One of the following is a target for the marketing of internet banking-
      A) All the customers
      B) All the educated customers
      C) All the computer educated customers
      D) Only creditors
    564 Planned cost service means-
      A) costly products
      B) extra profit on the same cost
      C) extra work by seller
      D) all of these
    565 The aim of successful marketing is_________
      A) to increase the sale
      B) to increase the profit
      C) to increase the output of sellers
      D) All of these
    566 The networking becomes _________ through networking.
      A) very difficult
      B) dull
      C) easy
      D) has no role in marketing
    567 Customer database is useful for ________
      A) Advertisements
      B) Word-of-mouth publicity
      C) CRM Functions
      D) PR functions
    568 CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is ______________
      A) A pre-sales activity
      B) A tool for lead generation
      C) an ongoing daily activity
      D) None of These
    569 Importance of marketing has increased in the recent years due to which of the following
      A) Consumer experiencing wide choices of goods and services
      B) Availability of information to consumer about goods and services
      C) Customised and target communications and offerings
      D) All the above
    570 The rural marketing is not required because_________
      A) rural people do not understand marketing
      B) its not practical from the cost point of view
      C) it is sheer wastage of time
      D) None of These


    Check below for Answers:



    561 Ans) C) Intangible
    562 Ans) A) Product life cycle
    563 Ans- C)
    564 Ans- B)
    565 Ans) D)
    566 Ans) C)
    567 Ans) C) CRM Functions
    568 Ans) B) A tool for lead generation
    569 Ans) D) All the above
    570 Ans) D)


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