• Marketing Quiz – 56

    551 ‘Casual’ research is basically concerned with _____________
      A) Establishing cause and effort relationship
      B) Arriving at a forecast or prediction of interest.
      C) measuring and estimating the frequencies with which of things occur
      D) all of above
    552 If advertising constantly sends out messages about materialism, sex, power, and status, which of the following categories of social criticism most closely matches this problem?
      A) Too much advertising
      B) Too few social goods
      C) Cultural pollution
      D) Too much political power
    553 If an advertiser wants flexibility, timeliness, good local market coverage, broad acceptability and high believability, the advertiser will probably choose which of the following mass media types?
      A) Newspapers
      B) Television
      C) Direct Mail
      D) Radio
    554 When single price is charged for all consumers without any discrimination, it is known as _________
      A) Variable price
      B) Single price
      C) Fixed price
      D) Dynamic price
    555 A news paper has fixed different prices for different locations, regions of countries, it is called _________
      A) Geographical pricing
      B) Discrimination pricing
      C) Marginal cost pricing
      D) Value pricing
    556 A paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion is called _________
      A) Direct Marketing
      B) Personal selling
      C) Advertising
      D) Public relation
    557 Advertising for_____________ is not allowed on T.V.
      A) Liquor
      B) Cigrattes
      C) Both  and
      D) Soaps
    558 Entrepreneurs find direct marketing attractive because of _____________
      A) Investment is low
      B) It doesn’t required specialized skills
      C) Returns are quick
      D) All of above
    559 IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) also known as _____________
      A) Exim Bank
      B) World Bank
      C) International Monetary fund
      D) International Bank
    560 When a marketing research organization chooses a segment of the population that represents the population as a whole, they have chosen a _____
      A) group
      B) bi-variant population
      C) sample
      D) market target


    Check below for Answers:



    551 Ans- A)
    552 Ans) C
    553 Ans) A
    554 Ans) C) Fixed price
    555 Ans) A) Geographical pricing
    556 Ans) C) Advertising
    557 Ans- C)
    558 Ans- D)
    559 Ans) B)
    560 Ans) C)


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