• Marketing Quiz – 54

    531 If your company were to make light bulbs to be used in photocopies, you would most likely be selling to a ______ market.
      A) reseller
      B) business
      C) government
      D) service
    532 E-marketing is same as _________
      A)virtual marketing
      B)digital marketing
      C)real time marketing
      D)All of these
    533 Sales forecasting involves
      A) Sales Planning
      B) Sales pricing
      C) Distribution Channels
      D) All of these
    534 One of the following qualities is not required for effective marketing. That is _________
      A) Self-motivation
      B) effective communication skills
      C) team work
      D) sympathy
    535 Relationship selling means _____________
      A) Preparing a list of relatives
      B) Cross selling
      C) Selling to relatives
      D) Selling to strangers
    536 The goal of the marketing logistics system should be to provide
      A) a targeted level of promotional support.
      B) a targeted level of customer service at the least cost.
      C) a targeted level of transportation expense ratio.
      D) a targeted level of field support.
    537 The practice of going after a large share of a smaller market or subsets of a few markets is called ___________
      A) undifferentiated marketing
      B) differentiated marketing
      C) concentrated marketing
      D) turbo marketing
    538 The Traditional Marketing style involves _________
      B) Digital Marketing
      C) Indirect Marketing
      D) Direct Marketing
    539 If Marketing is done effectively, which of the following is not required
      A) Advertisement
      B) publicity
      C) Marketing Research
      D) Market Segmentation
    540 Credit cards are used for _____________
      A) Cash withdrawals
      B) Purchase of air tickets
      C) Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets
      D) all of these


    Check below for Answers:



    531 Ans) B
    532 Ans) B)digital marketing
    533 Ans) D) All of these
    534 Ans) D) sympathy
    535 Ans- B)
    536 Ans) B
    537 Ans) C
    538 Ans) D) Direct Marketing
    539 Ans) B) publicity
    540 Ans- D)


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