• Marketing Quiz – 53

    521 Acid Test of a brand is _____________
      A) Brand preference
      B) Brand awareness
      C) Brand loyalty
      D) Brand equity
    522 In banks loans and advances are considered as _____________
      A) Assets
      B) liabilities
      C) Resources
      D) cause of expenditure
    523 Modern method of marketing include _____________
      A) Publicity on the net
      B) Advertisement on the net
      C) Soliciting business through e-mails
      D) All of the above
    524 Each salesperson is assigned to an exclusive area in which to sell the company’s full line of products or services in which type of sales force structure?
      A) Territorial sales force
      B) Product sales force
      C) Customer sales force
      D) Hybrid sales force
    525 Technological advances, shifts in consumer tastes, and increased competition, all of which reduce demand for a product are typical of which stage in the PLC?
      A) decline stage
      B) introduction stage
      C) growth stage
      D) maturity stage
    526 ‘Niche’ Market means _________
      A) A free market
      B) A social market
      C) Equity market
      D) A specified market for the target group
    527 The abbreviation ISP stands for _____________
      A) International Spy Project
      B) Indian Social Planning
      C) Initial Service Provider
      D) Internet Service Provider
    528 ESOP stand for _____________
      A) Efficient Service of Promises
      B) Effective System of Projects
      C) Employee Stock Option Plan
      D) Essential Security of Project
    529 The balance sheet of an organization gives information regarding _____________
      A) Result of operations for a particular Period
      B) The financial position as on a particular date
      C) The operating efficiency of a firm
      D) Financial position during a particular period
    530 If Mark Mars pays Hershey Foods Corporation for the right to use their name on his line of T-shirts, then Mr. Mars is using which type of branding?
      A) Licensed brand
      B) Manufacturer’s brand
      C) Private brand
      D) Co-brand


    Check below for Answers:



    521 Ans- C)
    522 Ans- A)
    523 Ans- D)
    524 Ans) A
    525 Ans) A
    526 Ans) D) A specified market for the target group
    527 Ans- D)
    528 Ans- C)
    529 Ans- B)
    530 Ans) A


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