• Marketing Mix

    Professor Neil Borden at the prestigious Harvard Business School came out with a term ‘Marketing Mix’. He identified a number of company performance actions that can influence the consumer decision to purchase goods and services.

    Marketing mix specifies the main marketing decisions which involve the main four P’s of marketing, four C’s of Marketing and 7 P’s of Marketing.

    Marketing Activities are basically divided into four basic elements, which together are referred to as Marketing Mix (as per only 4 P’s of marketing which is most widely used)

    •       Product

    •       Price

    •       Promotion

    •       Place

    For details about 4 P’s of marketing check 4P’s of Marketing  

    For details about 4 C’s of marketing check 4C’s of Marketing

    For details about 7 P’s of marketing check 7P’s of Marketing

    All these basic marketing activities are used to decide the proper marketing mix for a particular company.

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