• IT Officer Quiz – 27 (Programming Languages & Concepts – 5)

    81 The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are :
      A) Syntax error
      B) Symantic error
      C) Logical error
      D) Internal error
    82 Which programming languages are classified as low level languages ?
      A) Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN
      B) Prolog 2, Expert Systems
      C) Knowledge based Systerms
      D) Assembly Languages
    83 _______ is the process of finding errors in software code?
      A) Compiling
      B) Testing
      C) Running
      D) Debugging
    84 A _______ contains specific rules and words that express the logical steps of an algorithm?
      A) syntax
      B) programming structure
      C) programming language
      D) Logical flowchart
    85 The primary purpose of software is to turn data into _____
      A) Exe files
      B) Information
      C) Programs
      D) Objects
    86 Array is _____________
      A) linear data structure
      B) non-linear data structure
      C) complex data structure
      D) simple data structure
    87 Computer programs are written in a high – level programming language; however, the human readable version of a program is called _____________
      A) cache
      B) instruction set
      C) source code
      D) word size
    88 The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are?
      A) Syntax errors
      B) Semantic errors
      C) Logical errors
      D) System errors
    89 A complier translates a program written in a high – level language into _____________
      A) Machine language
      B) An algorithm
      C) A debugged program
      D) Java
    90 A set of step – by – step procedures for accomplishing a task is known as a(n) _____________
      A) algorithm
      B) hardware program
      C) software bug
      D) firmware program
    91 Which of the following is not a computer language ?
      A) BASIC
      B) Microsoft
      C) C
      D) Java
    92 Which one of the following is NOT a computer language?
      A) MS-Excel
      B) BASIC
      C) COBOL
      D) C++
    93 As per Computer Language, “C” is known as?
      A) A system file
      B) A program
      C) A language
      D) An Operation System
    94 Synonym can be reviewed with
      A) Spelling and grammar
      B) Thesaurus
      C) Both
      D) Synonym viewer
    95 Instructions and memory address are represented by
      A) Character code
      B) Binary codes
      C) Binary word
      D) Partiy bit
    96 Grouping and processing all of a firm’s transactions at one time is termed as?
      A) Realtime Porcessing
      B) Online Processing
      C) Batch processing
      D) Backend Processing
    97 Identifying and correcting run time error is normally known as?
      A) Compiling
      B) Debugging
      C) Indexing
      D) Running
    98 Compiler transforms source code written in a _______ into another computer language.
      A) Programming language
      B) Executable language
      C) Assembly language
      D) Machine language
    99 Assembler is a computer program which translates from _____ to an object file.
      A) Programming language
      B) Executable language
      C) Assembly language
      D) Machine language
    100 The simultaneous processing of more than one programs by multiple processors is known as?
      A) Processing Sharing
      B) Multitasking
      C) Multiprogramming
      D) None of These


    Check below for Answers:













    81  Ans -A
    82 Ans -D)
    83  Ans – D)
    84  Ans – A)
    85 Ans – B)
    86  Ans -A)
    87 Ans -C)
    88  Ans – A)
    89 Ans -A)
    90 Ans -A)
    91 Ans -B)
    92 Ans -A)
    93 Ans -C)
    94 Ans -B)
    95 Ans -B)
    96 Ans) Batch processing
    97 Ans) Debugging
    98 Ans) Programming language
    99 Ans) Assembly language
    100 Ans) Multiprogramming


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