• IT Officer Quiz – 22 (Web Technologies & Internet – 7)

    121 Which of the following identifies specific web page and its computer on the web page?
      A) Website
      B) URL
      C) Web site address
      D) Domain Name
    122 What happens if you digitally sign and inject footer on an e-mail message in the order?
      A) Nothing
      B) The message won’t be sent.
      C) The footer will invalidate the signature.
      D) The footer will be illegible.
    123 The code for a web page is written using_________
      A) A fifth generation language
      B) Win zip
      C) Peri
      D) Hypertext Markup Language
    124 ______ is collection of web pages and ______ is the very first page that we see on opening of a website
      A) Home page, web- page
      B) Web-site, home-page
      C) Web-page, home -page
      D) Web-site, web-page
    125 When we run a program in HTML coding,_____ is used as backend and ____ works as frontend.
      A) Notepad-Internet-Explorer
      B) Notepad-Msn-messenger
      C) MS-word-Internet explorer
      D) Both 1 and 2
    126 IE uses ______________
      A) Active X controls for interaction between browser and third party application and the operating system
      B) Active X control for browser and operating system
      C) Both 1 and 2
      D) Active X controls for only operating system
    127 ‘WWW’ stands for ________
      A) World word web
      B) World Wide Web
      C) World white web
      D) World work web
    128 A commonly used graphic format for the web is
      A) GIF
      B) BMP
      C) Text
      D) IMP
    129 The HTML code written in a text editor to make web-pages is
      A) HTML coding tags
      B) Source code
      C) Source element
      D) Tags
    130 If you receive an e-mail form someone you don’t know, what should you do?
      A) Forward it to the police immediately
      B) Delete it without opening it
      C) Open it and respond to them saying you don’t know them
      D) None of These


    Check below for Answers…












    121 Ans) D
    122 Ans) C
    123 Ans) D
    124 Ans) B
    125 Ans) A
    126 Ans) A
    127 Ans) B
    128 Ans) A
    129 Ans) B
    130 Ans) B




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