• IT Officer Quiz – 21 (Web Technologies & Internet – 6)

    101 Fourth-generation mobile technology provides enhanced capabilities allowing the transfer of both _____ data, including full-motion video, high speed Internet access, and videoconferencing.
      A) video data and information
      B) voice and non-voice
      C) music and video
      D) video and audio
    102 Usually downloaded into folders that hold temporary Internet files, _______ are written to your computer’s hard disk by some of the Web sites you visit.
      A) anonymous files
      B) behavior files
      C) cookies
      D) large files
    103 A program, either talk or music, that is made available in digital format for automatic download over the Internet is called a ________
      A) wiki
      B) broadcast
      C) vodcast
      D) blog
    104 When a real-time telephone call between people is made over the Internet using computers, it is called ________
      A) a chat session
      B) an e-mail
      C) an instant message
      D) Internet telephony
    105 The method of Internet access that requires a phone line, but offers faster access speeds than dial-up is the _______ connection.
      A) Modem
      B) satellite access
      C) fiber-optic service
      D) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
    106 Your business has contracted with another company to have them host and run and application for your company over the Internet. The company providing this service to your business is called an _____
      A) Internet service provider
      B) Internet access provider
      C) Application service provider
      D) Outsource agency
    107 A(n) ______ allows you to access your e-mail from anywhere.
      A) Forum
      B) Webmail interface
      C) Message Board
      D) Weblog
    108 Which of the following would you find on LinkedIn?
      A) Games
      B) Connections
      C) Chat
      D) Applications
    109 Which of the following cannot be part of an email address?
      A) Period (.)
      B) At sing (@)
      C) Space ( )
      D) Underscore (_)
    110 Which of the following must be contained in a URL?
      A) a protocol identifier
      B) the letters, www.
      C) The unique registered domain name
      D) www. and the unique registered domain name
    111 What does a Web site address uniquely specify?
      A) Web browser
      B) Web site
      C) PDA
      D) Storage
    112 Web pages are saved in ________ format.
      A) http;//
      B) HTML
      C) DOC
      D) URL
    113 What are the two parts of an E-mail address?
      A) User name and street address
      B) Legal name and phone number
      C) User name and domain name
      D) Initials and password
    114 The computer that hosts your e-mail account is known as (a(n) __________
      A) Host
      B) E-mail client
      C) E-mail server
      D) Listserv
    115 Before you can begin using e-mail, you must have a(n) _______
      A) Browser.
      B) Account
      C) Server
      D) Scanner
    116 Which of the following are tasks that may be completed when configuring your e-mail client?
      A) Provide the IP address of your ISP’s mail server
      B) Provide the name of your e-mail account
      C) Specify that mail is to be deleted from the host computer after it is downloaded to your computer.
      D) All of these
    117 Which of the following is to be done the auditor while internet banking services audit ?
      A) Tour the server room
      B) The user is not allowed to login after defined repeated failed attempts
      C) Contract clearly states the services that will be provided by the vendor
      D) All of the above
    118 ___________ can be one of the approach used to tax online transactions .
      A) Permanent establishment
      B) Residence based
      C) Income based classification
      D) All of the above
    119 To stop unauthorized access to the computer systems we should __________
      A) Have a trust worthy system administrator
      B) Have a sound encryption policy
      C) Have as good password policy
      D) All of the above
    120 The internet is an example of a ___________
      A) Packet switched network
      B) Cell switched network
      C) Circuit switched network
      D) All of the above


    Check below for Answers…













    101 Ans- B)
    102 Ans- C)
    103 Ans- D)
    104 Ans- D)
    105 Ans- A)
    106 Ans- D)
    107 Ans- B)
    108 Ans- B)
    109 Ans- C)
    110 Ans- D)
    111 Ans- B)
    112 Ans- B)
    113 Ans- C)
    114 Ans- B)
    115 Ans- B)
    116 Ans- A)
    117 Ans) A
    118 Ans) D
    119 Ans) C
    120 Ans) A


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