• IT Officer Quiz – 20 (Web Technologies & Internet – 5)

    81 A stored link to a webpage, in order to have a quick and easy access to it later, it called :
      A) Bookmark
      B) WP-link
      C) Favourite
      D) Both A and C
    82 _________is collection of web pages and _________ is the very first page that we see on opening of a web-site
      A) Home-page, Web-page
      B) Web-site, Home-page
      C) Web-page, Home-page
      D) Web-page, Web-site
    83 What’s considered the ‘backbone’ of the World Wide Web ?
      A) Uniform resource locator (URL)
      B) Hypertext mark-up language (HTML)
      C) Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)
      D) File transfer protocol (FTP)
    84 The design of the network is called the network?
      A) architecture
      B) server
      C) transmission
      D) type
    85 A Proxy server is used for which of the following?
      A) To provide security against unauthorized users
      B) To process client requests for web pages
      C) To provide TCP/IP
      D) To process client requests for database access
    86 Which of the below list can’t spread virus?
      A) An e-mail with attachment
      B) A plain text mail
      C) Downloading files over the web
      D) None of These
    87 Specilizd programs that asist users in locating information on the Web are called _____________
      A) Information engines
      B) Search engines
      C) Web browsers
      D) Resource locators
    88 When we run a program in HTML coding _____ is used as backend and ____ works as front-end.
      A) Notepad – Internet-Explorer
      B) Notepad – Msn-messenger
      C) MS-Word – Internet Explorer
      D) Both (A) and (B)
    89 Programs such as Mozila Firefox that serve as navigable windows into the Web are called _____________
      A) Hypertext
      B) Networks
      C) Internet
      D) Web browsers
    90 Junk emails are commonly known as?
      A) Worm
      B) Virus
      C) Spam
      D) Site
    91 Connection or link to other documents or Web Pages that contain related information is called?
      A) Add-On
      B) Pop-Up
      C) hyperlink
      D) None of These
    92 A Web site’s main page is called its?
      A) Disclaimer
      B) Main Page
      C) Home Page
      D) Browser Page
    93 ____ is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website.
      A) Bookmark
      B) Cookie
      C) Spam
      D) Malware
    94 Email _____ is email activity in which the sender address and other parts of the email header are altered to appear as though the email originated from a different source.
      A) Spoofing
      B) Phishing
      C) Spooling
      D) Hacking
    95 What is the storage area for e-mail messages called?
      A) Contact List
      B) Directory
      C) Mail Box
      D) Drafts
    96 In the URL http://www.gmail.com, the portion labeled http is the
      A) Domain Name
      B) Protocol
      C) Hosting Name
      D) Application Type
    97 A/An ____________ allows users to access e-mail from anywhere using internet.
      A) Forum
      B) Webmail Interface
      C) Webblog
      D) None of These
    98 Which of these can never be a part of any valid email address?
      A) Period (.)
      B) Space ( )
      C) Comma (,)
      D) Underscore (_)
    99 ____ allows users to upload files to an online site so they can be viewed and edited from another location.
      A) General-purpose applications
      B) Microsoft Outlook
      C) Web-hosted technology
      D) Office Live
    100 Which of these is not a means of personal communication on the Internet?
      A) Chat
      B) Instant messaging
      C) Insta notes
      D) Electronic mail


    Check below for Answers…












    81  Ans -D
    82 Ans – B)
    83  Ans -C
    84  Ans – A)
    85  Ans – B)
    86 Ans -B)
    87 Ans -B)
    88 Ans – A)
    89 Ans -D)
    90 Ans) Spam
    91 Ans) hyperlink
    92 Ans) Home Page
    93 Ans) Cookie
    94 Ans) Spoofing
    95 Ans) Mail Box
    96 Ans) Protocol
    97 Ans) Webmail Interface
    98 Ans) Space ( )
    99 Ans- B)
    100 Ans- C)


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