• Interview Questions: Capital Market – 2

    1. What is derivative?
      • Difference between Forwards and Futures?
    2. What is Option?
      • What are the different types of Options?
      • How Options are used to hedge risk?
      • Difference between American and European Options?
    3. What is OTC derivatives?
      • How does it work?
      • Difference between OTC and Exchange traded derivatives?
    4. Types of OTC derivatives?
      • How does currency forward or Swap work?
    5. Give some examples of below
      • Interest rate swap
      • Credit default swap
      • Equity Swap
      • Commodity Swap
    6. What is Interest Rate swap?
      • How it is used to hedge interest rate risk?
      • How buyer is determined for Swap?
      • What is Notional amount?
      • How pay-out is calculated?


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