• Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Management is the management methodologies which deal with managing all the employees, workforce or human resources in the best possible manner for a particular organization. The organizations include any company, trust, Government entity etc. The human resource management is required for each and every step related to its workforce from their recruitment in the organization to their separation from the organization.

    The main areas dealt by the Human Resource Management are

    • Recruitment
    • Compensation and Benefits
    • Payrolls
    • Career growth and Succession Planning
    • Performance Appraisals
    • Performance Management
    • Labor laws
    • Work culture
    • Learning Management
    • Knowledge Management
    • Organization Management
    • Separation

    With the Globalization and the spread of businesses and operations in different countries, Human Resource Management has become very much essential to retain the talented workforce and to provide an effective and efficient platform for all the employees worldwide. Now a global company employs workforce from different countries with different cultures and languages. It is the duty of human resource management to bring all the employees under one roof to meet the organizational specific goals.

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