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    IBPS is one of those institutions in India that conducts Bank Exams for the recruitment in various posts of Banks like PO, Clerk, SO, RRB. Out of all these the SO Exams are the most attempted one. There are many categories in the IBPS SO Exams, like IT Officer, Rajya Sabha Adhikari, HR Officer, Marketing Officer and Law Officer.

    This article deals with the tips and strategies related to the preparation of IBPS SO IT Officer Scale I examinations. The candidates who are interested in appearing for the exams must follow some easy steps that are included in this article.

    1. Proper Information regarding Examination Question Paper Pattern and Syllabus: The first thing that the candidate must do is to collect all the information about the Question Paper pattern and the syllabus of IBPS SO IT Officer Scale I Exams.

    The Sections in the question paper is divided in three parts:

    1. Reasoning
    2. Quantitative Aptitude
    3. English Language

    There is another part that is named as Professional Knowledge. As it is a specialist officer examination, the candidate is judged upon the knowledge he/she possesses in his/her own field.

    1. Perfect Study Material Collection: In order to start preparation for the same, the candidate is required to have the perfect study material. In this case, as soon as the information regarding the question paper pattern and syllabus is collected, the person must start going through books related to the syllabus and topics.
    1. Practice Daily: The most important factor towards success is hard work. In order to crack the SBI SO Exams the candidate must practice Previous Year Question Papers and Mock Papers. By practicing, the person will have an idea about the questions that come in the question paper.

    Additional Information about the Professional Knowledge Question Paper:

    In order to prepare for the IBPS SO IT Officer Examinations, the candidate must thoroughly go through the topics given below:

    • Networking- It is one of the topics that is included in the IBPS SO IT Officer Exam.

    Topics like TCP/IP, LAN, MAN, WAN, Network Programming, IPV6, Network Address Translation, Subnetting are important.

    • DBMS or Database Management System- Sub-topics like E-R Diagram, Introduction to SQl, JDBC, ODBC, Database Administration, Client-Server Database, Object Oriented Database, Object Oriented Data Modeling, XML Database, Distributed Database.
    • OS or Operating System- In OS there are some topics that are needed to be taken care of, they are, CPU Scheduling, Memory Management, Threads, Sections and Scheduling, File System, GUI- Process state and types.
    • Additional topics like Software Engineering, Software and Hardware, Linux, Unix, Software Development Life Cycle, Digital Electronics, Information Systems and many more.

    Note: Candidate must also have grip on the computer languages and programming on C, C++, Java as well as Data Structures and Algorithms.

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