• Grid Computing

    Grid computing is a type of distributed computing where resources of many computers in a network are used at the same time, to solve a single problem.

    Grid Computing emerged mainly because of a specific problem behind the advancement of Grid technologies which is resource sharing in coordinated manner and also problem solving in dynamic, multi-institutional virtual organizations. The sharing refers to sharing of Computing power, resources, database etc.

    Used to reduce the cost of computing, increase reliability and increase flexibility by transforming the own infrastructure concept to something that is operated by third party.

    Characteristics of Grid Computing

    • Grid systems are designed for the sharing of resources collaboratively.
    • Grid computing links several computers which are available in a distributed environment to form one large community which aims at utilizing the resources that are free
    • Mainly used at an organizational level
    • Higher security provisioning compared to Cloud computing
    • Need significant network maintenance
    • Requests are handled using queuing structure

    Benefits of Grid Computing

    • Grid computing can be used in large networks
    • High scalability
    • Higher security and no interoperability issue
    • Best utilization of computing resources across the organizational level
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