Capital Market

Capital Market Content List

1. Financial/Capital Market

    1.1 Financial Markets

    1.2 Primary Market and Secondary Market

    1.3 Features of Secondary Market

2. Shares or Stocks

    2.1 Share Face Value and Dividend

    2.2 Preferred stocks

    2.3 Stock Split

    2.4 Bonus Share Issue

    2.5 Types of Stocks

3. Issue of Shares

    3.1 Initial Public Offerings (IPO)

    3.2 Follow-on Public Offering (FPO)

    3.3 Issue price

    3.4 Book Building

    3.5 Rights Issue

    3.6 Private Placement

    3.7 Depository

4. Market Capitalization

    4.1 Market Index

    4.2 Market Index Creation Methodology

5. Important Trading Terms

    5.1 Short Sell

    5.2 Margin Trading

    5.3 Long and short Positions

    5.4 Upper Circuit and Lower Circuit

    5.5 Share Buy Back and Delisting

    5.6 Beta

    5.7 Insider Trading

6. Different Risks Involved in Trading

    6.1 Value at Risk (VAR)

7. Derivatives

    7.1 Futures Trading

    7.2 Option Trading

    7.3 Types of Options – 1

    7.4 Types of Options – 2

    7.5 Factors deciding Option Premium

8. Important Terms:

Leveraged Buyout (LBO)

Index Funds

Currency Pegging

Execution Broker

Clearing Broker

Prime Broker

Participatory Notes (P-Notes)

Buy Side Firms

Sell Side Firms

Trading Contract Life Cycle

Life Cycle Events Of Trade

Crowd Funding



Payment Netting

Closeout Netting



Dodd Frank Act

Esma And Emir


Global Trade Repository (Gtr)

Dodd-Frank Financial Regulatory Reform Bill

Clearinghouse or CCP


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