• Finance Quiz – 21

    201 Marginal Cost is dependent upon _______________.
      A) Only fixed cost
      B) Only variable cost
      C) Both fixed cost and variable cost
      D) Neither fixed cost nor variable cost
    202 Debt financing that can magnify the risk and reward for an investment are called as follows ________
      A) Reward risk
      B) Derivative
      C) Leverage
      D) Investment strategy
    203 Which in the below list is Not Tier I Capital?
      A) Paid up Capital
      B) Statutory Reserves
      C) Revaluation Reserves
      D) Retained Earnings
    204 In Financial Language, Fixed to Floating and Floating to Floating are mainly used in context with ___________?
      A) Interest rates
      B) Swaps
      C) Foreign Exchange Rates
      D) Options
    205 Interest Rate Risk comes under ____________?
      A) Credit risk
      B) Market risk
      C) Operational risk
      D) All the above categories
    206 Which in the below list is correct about an Equity Fund?
      A) It gives fixed returns
      B) It invests primarily in shares
      C) It invest in both debt and shares
      D) It assures growth in value
    207 In context with the banking, Intermediation cost refers to ___________________,
      A) Sales and Administration Expenses
      B) Total operating expenses
      C) Total non-interest expenses
      D) None of These
    208 In context with the Capital Adequacy Ratio of 9%, if a bank has lent Rs. 100, the Bank must have a capital base of at least _________________?
      A) Rs. 90
      B) Rs. 109
      C) Rs. 91
      D) Rs. 9
    209 Which refers to the “Statement of Financial Position” as per the Financial Statements released under IFRS?
      A) Balance Sheet
      B) Income Statement
      C) Profit and Loss Statement
      D) Fund Flow Statement
    210 Commercial Paper (CP) is an unsecured money market instrument issued in the form of a _____?
      A) Demand Draft
      B) Promissory Note
      C) Bill of Exchange
      D) Lines of Credit


    Check below for Answers:











    201 Ans) Only variable cost
    202 Ans) Leverage
    203 Ans) Revaluation Reserves
    204 Ans) Swaps
    205 Ans) Market risk
    206 Ans) It invests primarily in shares
    207 Ans) Total operating expenses
    208 Ans) Rs. 9
    209 Ans) Balance Sheet
    210 Ans) Promissory Note


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