• Finance Quiz – 17

    161 Which of the following is not true about wealth management?
      A) Wealth Management process is founded on the values of the client first.
      B) This is an on-going process
      C) This is the science of choosing investments such as stocks, bonds and derivatives
      D) Wealth Manager examines the client’s financial situation then suggests a combination of banking and investment services that best address that best addresses their unique wealth management issues
    162 Lenders try to make ARMs attractive to borrowers by which method?
      A) Offering lower interest rates for the later years of mortgage
      B) Offering lower interest rates for the first year of mortgage
      C) Offering higher maturity period for the mortgage
      D) None of these
    163 In Capital budgeting, the discount rate which makes NPV as zero is known as?
      A) Optimal Rate of Return
      B) Discounted Rate of Return
      C) Internal Rate of Return
      D) Marginal Rate of Return
    164 Contract that enables the lessee to secure the use of a tangible asset over a specified period of time by making payment to the lessor, is termed as?
      A) Leasing
      B) Pooling
      C) Securitization
      D) None of these
    165 Which are the factors affect the P/E multiple?
      A) Dividend payout ratio and Earnings
      B) Dividend payout ratio, required rate of return and expected growth rate
      C) Dividend payout ratio and expected growth rate
      D) Required rate of return and expected growth rate
    166 Which of the following does not comes under depository institutions?
      A) Commercial Banks
      B) Savings and Loan Associations
      C) Credit Unions
      D) Mutual Funds
    167 Which of the following does not comes under non-depository institutions?
      A) Finance Companies
      B) Mutual Funds
      C) Pension Funds
      D) Credit Unions
    168 When the intrinsic value of a share is higher than the market price, then the share is?
      A) Can’t say
      B) Over-valued
      C) Under-valued
      D) None of These
    169 Most of the wealth management accounts are managed on which of the following basis?
      A) Discretionary
      B) Non-Discretionary
      C) Advisory
      D) None of the above
    170 Which of the following is not true regarding Certificate of Deposits?
      A) Banks issues CD’s in the form of usance promissory notes
      B) CD’s are freely transferable by endorsement and delivery.
      C) There is no sealing on the maximum amount that can be raised by CD’s
      D) CD’s cannot be subscribed by the individuals, corporations, Companies and Trusts.


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