• Finance Quiz – 15

    141 Increase in Risk Free Rate leads to
      A) Increase in Put Price
      B) Decrease in Call Price
      C) Increase in Call Price
      D) No Change
    142 Increase in volatility of asset prices leads to?
      A) Increase in both Put and Call Values
      B) Increase in only Call Value
      C) Increase in only Put Value
      D) No Change
    143 Defalut risk is relatively high for?
      A) Futures
      B) Call Option
      C) Put Option
      D) Swaps
    144 Which of the following has the highest risk involved?
      A) Sell Call Option
      B) Buy Put Option
      C) Sell Put Option
      D) None of These
    145 Rate at which person can buy the Base Currency from the Bank or the Market maker is called?
      A) Bid Rate
      B) Bid Ask
      C) Bid Price
      D) Offer Price
    146 Dividend is provided from?
      A) Gross Profit
      B) Net Profit after Interest and Taxes
      C) Revenue
      D) Equity Capital
    147 Which investor has the highest preference during liquidation?
      A) Bond Holder
      B) Common Share holder
      C) Preference Share holder
      D) None of These
    148 Currency Swap is used to manage?
      A) Currency risk
      B) Interest rate risk
      C) Market risk
      D) cash flows in different currency
    149 The cost which was incurred in the past and not affected by the capital budgeting decision is known as?
      A) Sunk Cost
      B) Fixed Cost
      C) Marginal Cost
      D) Incremental Cost
    150 The portfolio management services offered by banks can be classified into?
      A) Comprehensive and limited
      B) Advisory and non-discretionary
      C) Advisory and non-Advisory
      D) Discriminatory and non- Discriminatory


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