• Factors of implementing an effective MRP

    Successful implementation of MRP depends on the following factors which makes an MRP effective and efficient.

    Management commitment

    Top level management should commit the proper budget and allocate adequate number of resources to successfully implementation of MRP system in the organization.

    User involvement

    All the MRP users across the organization will be responsible for the development and implementation of MRP. This will make them more familiar with the system and its uses along with proper testing for the same.


    All the people who work with the MRP system must understand it and must know how to use it. Proper training should be provided for all the users to understand the functionalities of an MRP application and their uses. Users should be able to use the MRP system effectively after the training.

    Selection of packages

    The user must decide whether to develop their own program for MRP system or to purchase the available packages in the market and do the necessary customizations to make it usable for the organization.

    Data accuracy

    After MRP system is installed, careful attention and discipline must always be exercised to ensure that all data used by the system are accurate. Users should be cautious about the data to be entered into the system.

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