• Evolutionary Prototype Model

    Evolutionary Prototyping is quite different from Throwaway Prototyping. The main goal when using Evolutionary Prototyping is to build a very robust prototype in a structured manner and constantly refine it. When developing a system using Evolutionary Prototyping, the system is continually refined and rebuilt on the previously built prototype. The previous prototype is not thrown away just like for Throwaway prototyping model.

    Evalutionalry Prototype Model


    • Effort of prototype is not wasted
    • Faster than the Waterfall model
    • High level of user involvement from the start
    • Technical or other problems discovered early – risk reduced
    • Mainly suitable for projects with vague and unstable requirements.


    • Prototype usually evolve so quickly that it is not cost-  effective to produce grate deal of documentation
    • Continual change tends to corrupt the structure of the prototype system.  Maintenance is therefore likely to be difficult and costly.
    • It is not clear how the range of skills which is normal in software engineering teams can be used effectively for this mode of development.

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