• Economics Quiz – 2


    As per Demand-Supply Concept, higher supply compared to same demand leads to
      A) Higher Price
      B) Lower price
      C) No Impact on Price
      D) None of These
    12 Difference between Export and Import when Export> Import; knows as
      A) Current Account Surplus
      B) Current Account Deficit
      C) Trade Surplus
      D) Trade Deficit
    13 Increase in aggregate demand due to increased private, public and government spending leads to
      A) Demand-Pull Inflation
      B) Cost-Push Inflation
      C) Does not affect Inflation
      D) None of These
    14 Which one in the list is not an approach to calculated GDP?
      A) Production Approach
      B) Spening Approach
      C) Expenditure Approach
      D) Income Approach
    15 Which is this is not associated with deteriorating economic condition
      A) High Inflation
      B) High Unemployment Rate
      C) High Fiscal Deficit
      D) High Foreign Cash inflow
    16 What is the full form of GDP?
      A)Gross Domestic Product
      B)General Domestic Product
      C)Gross Domestic Process
      D)General Domestic Process
    17 What does GATT stand for?
      A)General Agreement on Trading Technologies
      B)General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
      C)General Agreement on Transportation Technologies
      D)General Agreement on Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
    18 In an economy, the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of
      A) employment conditions
      B) nature of economic activities
      C) ownership of enterprises
      D) use of raw materials
    19 What does CBDT stand for
      A) Cabinet Board of Direct Taxes
      B) Central Board of Direct Taxes
      C) Center Board of Direct Taxes
      D) Consulting Board of Direct Taxes
    20 What does CRR stand for
      A) Cyclic Reserve Ratio
      B) Cash Reverse Ratio
      C) Cash Reserve Ratio
      D) Cyclic Reverse Ratio

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