• Economics Quiz – 10

    91 An excise duty is a charge on __________________.
      A) Export of goods
      B) Production of goods
      C) Production or sale of goods
      D) Import of goods
    92 Which in the below list is true regarding NNP ?
      A) GNP + depreciation
      B) GNP – depreciation
      C) GNP + Exports
      D) GNP + Imports
    93 Pollution cause by a factory comes under _______________.
      A) Fixed cost
      B) Variable Cost
      C) Social Cost
      D) Marginal Cost
    94 Steady rise in the general level of prices, income, output and employment, called as _________ in terms of economic cycle.
      A) Recovery
      B) Recession
      C) Depression
      D) None of These
    95 Which method includes planning process and plan implementation to the grass root levels ?
      A) Centralized Planning
      B) Decentralized Planning
      C) Indicative Planning
      D) None of These
    96 For ____________________ the term “Paper Gold” is used.
      A) Gold Exchange Traded Funds
      B) Reserves with IMF
      C) Special Drawing Rights
      D) None of These
    97 which in the below list falls under direct tax bucket?
      A) Excise Duty
      B) Sales Tax
      C) Income Tax
      D) Value Added tax
    98 Which in the below list of taxes is levied by state government only?
      A) Wealth Tax
      B) Entertainment Tax
      C) Corporation tax
      D) Income Tax
    99 Which term is used as alternate word of “Buyer’s Monopoly”?
      A) Oligopoly
      B) Inverse monopoly
      C) Monopsony
      D) Duopoly
    100 Which in the below list is an anti-inflationary measure?
      A) Stagflation
      B) Hyper inflation
      C) Disinflation
      D) Deflation


    Check below for Answers:











    91 Ans) Production or sale of goods
    92 Ans) GNP – depreciation
    93 Ans) Social Cost
    94 Ans) Recovery
    95 Ans) Decentralized Planning
    96 Ans) Special Drawing Rights
    97 Ans) Income Tax
    98 Ans) Entertainment Tax
    99 Ans) Monopsony
    100 Ans) Disinflation


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