• Difference between Marketing and Selling

    Some people think that Marketing is same as Selling, but actually there are significant differences between marketing and selling activities. Overall we can say that Selling is a major part of marketing like Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution etc.

    The key differences are outlined in the below table for better understanding and comparison



    Marketing consists of all the important mix like Product, Pricing, Promotion, Selling, Distribution etc. Selling is an integral part of marketing which aims at targeting prospective customers and facilitating the product sales
    Marketing is consumer driven and has long term goals of building customer loyalty and higher customer satisfaction Selling is mostly producer driven and has short term goal of achieving the sales target or market share
    Consumer needs are the guiding force behind all the marketing strategies and activities Producer or manufacturer needs are the guiding force behind all the selling activities
    Considers of building a long term brand for long term benefits Does not consider building up a brand for long term benefits
    More focus on product modification or product improvement and very much dynamic in nature due to higher focus on customer demand Less focus on product modification or product improvement
    Mind share or place in consumers’ mind is more important here Market share or sales volume is more important here
    More emphasis on technological advancement and new products to satisfy increasing customer demand More emphasis on staying with existing technology and reducing costs to improve profits
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