• Designing Systems

    Design system indicates the actual execution of the planning systems. It has the following steps

    Product/service design and process selection

    • The Design activity in operations has one over-riding objective which is to provide the type of products, services and processes which will satisfy the operation’s customers.
    • Products and services should be designed in such a way that they can be created effectively.
    • Processes should be designed in such a way that they can create all the products and services which the operation is likely to produce.
    • Decisions taken during the design of the product or the service will have an impact on the process which produces the product or the service and vice versa.

    Facilities layout

    The Physical organization of processes in a facility is called facilities layout. The three basic types of facilities layout are: process layout, product layout and the fixed-position layout.

    • Process layout: A layout that groups together similar activities in departments or work centers according to the process or function they perform.
    • Product layout: A product layout arranges activities in the sequence of steps required to manufacture or assemble a product.
    • Fixed-position layout (Project layout): A fixed-position layout is used in projects where the workers, equipment and the materials go to the production site because the product is too large, fragile or heavy to move for example – buildings, ships, etc.

    Design of work systems

    A large part of the Operation’s manager’s activity with the design of work systems will center on people, machines and their relationships. Work design is primarily concerned with examination and evaluation of existing or proposed methods of performing work. Job design consists of developing the best way the individual tasks or jobs within the work system can be performed. One of the important aspects of the job design is to assign man or machine the job best suited to them.

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