• Corporate Social Responsibility

    An increasing number of financial institutions are contributing towards the society through Internet Banking as it is a very easy way to reach to its all customers. Recently, huge amount of money has been collected towards the people affected from natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and war hit regions.

    Some of the leading financial organizations have taken initiatives to showcase their Corporate Social Responsibility and have been actively involved in generating funds for the needy.

    Some of the examples are:

    • Following the floods that affected districts of Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa in 2008 in India, India’s largest private sector bank ICICI Bank’s online appeal mobilized Rs. 31.7 million from more than 55,000 Internet banking customers.
    • Many US Financial Institutions like Bank of America and Citi Group raised funds for HAITI Earthquake Victims using Internet Banking as an effective tool for a noble cause.
    • Some banks have started different Rural development schemes as a part of their corporate social Responsibility

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