• Computer Awareness Quiz – 113

    1121 The best reason that a computer needs to have a hard disk is because ___________
    A) It can store information while it is working
    B) It will not work without one
    C) It can store information when it is switched off
    D) None of These
    1122 ‘MICR’ technology used for clearance of cheques by banks refers to____
    A) Magnetic ink character recognition
    B) Magnetic intelligence character recognition
    C) Magnetic information cable recognition
    D) Magnetic insurance cases recognition
    1123 When cutting and pasting, the item cut is temporarily stored in
    A) Clipboard
    B) Hard drive
    C) Diskette
    D) Dashboard
    1124 A program embedded in a semiconductor chip during their manufacture is called ______________.
    A) Humanware
    B) Firmware
    C) Liveware
    D) Hardware
    1125 BIOS stand for
    A) Basic Input Output services
    B) Basic inner outer services
    C) Better input output services
    D) BIOS-Basic input/output system
    1126 The _____ of a system includes the programs or instructions.
    A) Hardware
    B) Icon
    C) Information
    D) Software
    1127 Which of the following displays programs that are currently running? A single click on one of the program icons
    A) Menu bar
    B) Task bar
    C) Title bar
    D) Status bar
    1128 The _____is a device that connects n input to m output.
    A) Crossword
    B) Crossbar
    C) Modem
    D) RAM
    1129 Transformation of input into output is performed by
    A) Peripherals
    B) Memory
    C) Storage
    D) CPU
    1130 Devices drivers are
    A) Tiny power cords for external storage devices
    B) Experts who know to maximize the performance of devices
    C) Small, special-purpose programs
    D) The innermost part of the operating system


    Check below for Answers:











    1121 Ans) B
    1122 Ans) A
    1123 Ans) A
    1124 Ans) B
    1125 Ans) D
    1126 Ans) D
    1127 Ans) B
    1128 Ans) B
    1129 Ans) D
    1130 Ans) C


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