• Computer Awareness Quiz – 110

    1091 ________ can interpret voice data into words that can be understood by the computer.
      A) Speech input hardware
      B) talking software
      C) word recognition software
      D) speech recognition software
    1092 A touchpad responds to ________
      A) light
      B) pressure
      C) clicking
      D) the sense of heat from fingertips
    1093 What is the term of calculations used within spreadsheets?
      A) analyses
      B) ranges
      C) formulas
      D) recalculations
    1094 This is a set of value that you want to chart in Excel.
      A) Object
      B) Numbers
      C) Data Mart
      D) Data series
    1095 Before you can begin using e-mail, you must have a(n) _______
      A) Browser.
      B) Account
      C) Server
      D) Scanner
    1096 Until a computer can recognize handwriting, an input device must ________
      A) store the information in secondary storage
      B) optimize the information
      C) digitize the information
      D) show the information of a screen
    1097 The pointing device that comes built into a laptop computer can be any except a _______
      A) mouse
      B) trackball
      C) touchpad
      D) pointing stick
    1098 The button that displays the window over the entire screen is _________
      A) Scroll box
      B) Downsize
      C) Maximize
      D) Minimize
    1099 The .xls extension is used for _______files.
      A) Excel
      B) Access
      C) PowerPoint
      D) Word
    1100 Which of the following are tasks that may be completed when configuring your e-mail client?
      A) Provide the IP address of your ISP’s mail server
      B) Provide the name of your e-mail account
      C) Specify that mail is to be deleted from the host computer after it is downloaded to your computer.
      D) All of these


    Check below for answers…..












    1091 Ans- D)
    1092 Ans- B)
    1093 Ans- C)
    1094 Ans- D)
    1095 Ans- B)
    1096 Ans- B)
    1097 Ans- A)
    1098 Ans- C)
    1099 Ans- A)
    1100 Ans- A)


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