• Computer Awareness Quiz – 109

    1081 A pixel is a __________
      A) picture element of dot on a screen.
      B) point of ink on a laser-printed page.
      C) point of ink on a ink-jet printed page.
      D) light beam used as an input device.
    1082 The most common pointing input device is the _______
      A) trackball.
      B) touchpad.
      C) touchscreen.
      D) mouse.
    1083 The file that is created through word processing is a _______________
      A) database file
      B) storage file
      C) worksheet file
      D) document file
    1084 Web pages are saved in ________ format.
      A) http;//
      B) HTML
      C) DOC
      D) URL
    1085 What are the two parts of an E-mail address?
      A) User name and street address
      B) Legal name and phone number
      C) User name and domain name
      D) Initials and password
    1086 If employees reside in different parts of the country and need to meet monthly, useful computer technology would be ________
      A) video-display software
      B) video-digitizing
      C) videoconferencing
      D) video scanning
    1087 The wheel located between the two standard buttons on a mouse is used to ________
      A) click in Web pages
      B) scroll
      C) click and select items
      D) jump to different Web pages
    1088 Which type of software is used it the design of products, structures, civil engineering drawings, and maps?
      A) CAD programs
      B) desktop programs
      C) drawing programs
      D) painting programs
    1089 Advanced word processing features include all except creation of __________
      A) alternate headers and footers.
      B) columns.
      C) detailed architectural drawings.
      D) stylesheets.
    1090 The computer that hosts your e-mail account is known as (a(n) __________
      A) Host
      B) E-mail client
      C) E-mail server
      D) Listserv


    Check below for answers…..












    1081 Ans- A)
    1082 Ans- D)
    1083 Ans- D)
    1084 Ans- B)
    1085 Ans- C)
    1086 Ans- C)
    1087 Ans- B)
    1088 Ans- A)
    1089 Ans- A)
    1090 Ans- B)
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