• Computer Awareness Quiz – 108

    1071 A limitation of software that digitizes voice data is that it ____________
      A) is prohibitively expensive.
      B) must be trained to recognize individual voices.
      C) can only be used on high-end computers.
      D) cannot be used to laptop computers.
    1072 External devices such as printers, keyboards, and modems are known as ___________
      A) add-on devices.
      B) Peripherals.
      C) Extra hardware devices.
      D) PC expansion slot add-ons.
    1073 The higher the resolution of a monitor, the _________
      A) larger the pixels
      B) less clear the screen is
      C) further apart the pixels
      D) closer together the pixels
    1074 To select a Word, you click it ______
      A) once
      B) twice
      C) three times
      D) four times
    1075 The Excel feature includes functions to calculate an Average, Minimum, and Count.
      A) Format
      B) Number
      C) AutoSum
      D) Calculate
    1076 For a computer to recognize and understand analog data, it must first be __________
      A) sent a mainframe for interpretation
      B) analyzed by the ALU of the CPU
      C) decoded
      D) analyzed for viruses
    1077 Expansion cards are inserted into____________
      A) slots
      B) peripheral devices
      C) the CPU
      D) the back of the computer
    1078 Which types of software is distributed free but requires the users to pay some amount for further use?
      A) freeware
      B) shareware
      C) rentalware
      D) public-domain softare
    1079 Using Print Preview is useful when you want to _______
      A) Colour the document
      B) Save the document
      C) Delete the document
      D) View how the document will appear when printed
    1080 What does a Web site address uniquely specify?
      A) Web browser
      B) Web site
      C) PDA
      D) Storage


    Check below for answers…..












    1071 Ans- B)
    1072 Ans- B)
    1073 Ans- D)
    1074 Ans- B)
    1075 Ans- D)
    1076 Ans- A)
    1077 Ans- A)
    1078 Ans- B)
    1079 Ans- D)
    1080 Ans- B)
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