• Comparisons between Cloud and Grid Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Grid Computing

    1. The actual interest lies in developing the infrastructure which can be used by different companies.In this the consumers are benefited as they will pay for what they need. The unnecessary cost for the infrastructures will go down. The risk involved in this scenario is very low and also evolves better profits. 1. The actual interest lies in using all the resources at the best possible manner at the application levelThe idea of sharing the network resources is to solve a typical complex issue which can’t be solved so easily with a single or limited number of resources.


    2. Cloud Computing allows firms to scale-up to high capacities on the spot without much investment for the infrastructure. It is more useful for small and medium scale companies where they don’t have to fund high to scale up. 2. The factor that contributes more is that the distribution of the task between the resources available over the network.
    3. User doesn’t need to worry about the infrastructure maintenance, software and access device. The cloud can be access from anywhere using the internet. 3. Need significant maintenance of the Grid network as failure of one node can make the whole network non-operational
    4. In cloud computing the queuing doesn’t happens. Here the requests are processed spontaneously as they arrive. There is no need for a program to wait in a queue to run till the system gets freed. 4. Grid requests are handled by queuing. A predefined program that is set decides which request has to be processed at what time. Based on the availability of the resources the requests are processed.
    5. In cloud computing the request is never handled locally. It handles all the requests remotely. 5. Here all the requests are processed locally. Once the request is processed, results are sent back to the user.
    6. Clouds are mostly built for each specific organization. Interoperability is very difficult between Clouds of different organizations. 6. Grids are built on the belief that everything is heterogeneous and hence Interoperability is quite simple for Grids.
    7. The main drawback of the Cloud computing is its security. Through web 2.0 security authentication and delivery mechanisms the clouds can be accessed.  7. The security is the differentiator here in the Grid. It uses the public key based Grid Security Infrastructure. Across different Grid sites it has the Single Sign On provisions.
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