• Capital Market Quiz – 20

    191 A debenture holder of a company is also its ______?
      A) shareholder
      B) director
      C) creditor
      D) None of These
    192 Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act popularly known as SARFAESI Act was passed in which year ?
      A) 2001
      B) 2002
      C) 2003
      D) 2005
    193 Which organization was set up to maintain a database on Individual’s Credit records?
      A) CRISIL
      B) ICRA
      C) CIBIL
      D) IFCI
    194 In which year National Housing Bank (NHB) Residex was launched?
      A) 2001
      B) 2003
      C) 2007
      D) 2009
    195 What is the full form of ESOS?
      A) Exchange Stock Option Scheme
      B) Employee Stock Option Scheme
      C) Employee Stock Operation Scheme
      D) Employee Stock Option Sharing
    196 Which in the below list is a opposite activity of hedging in capital/currency markets?
      A) Arbitrage
      B) Speculation
      C) Short Sell
      D) None of These
    197 Which in the list correctly categorizes Collateralized Borrowing and Lending Obligation?
      A) A market operation
      B) A money market instrument
      C) A clearing system
      D) None of These
    198 Shares of companies which don’t comply with the stock exchange listing agreement are kept in ___________.
      A) X Group
      B) Y Group
      C) Z Group
      D) A Group
    199 On which index, India VIX is based upon?
      A) BSE Sensex
      B) CNX Nifty Junior
      C) Nifty 50
      D) Nifty Bankex
    200 In the capital market , simultaneous purchase and sale of securities to reduce the loss is known as ________.
      A) Speculation
      B) Hedging
      C) Arbitrage
      D) Short Sell


    Check below for Answers:











    191 Ans) creditor
    192 Ans) 2002
    193 Ans) CIBIL
    194 Ans) 2007
    195 Ans) Employee Stock Option Scheme
    196 Ans) Speculation
    197 Ans) A money market instrument
    198 Ans) Z Group
    199 Ans) Nifty 50
    200 Ans) Arbitrage


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