• Capital Market Quiz – 18

    171 Which in the below list was the first stock exchange in India to list Currency Futures?
      A) Bombay Stock Exchange
      B) Delhi Stock Exchange
      C) National Stock Exchange
      D) Kolkata Stock Exchange
    172 The first step towards electronic bond trading in India was the introduction of the RBIs Negotiated Dealing System. In which year NDS was launched?
      A) 1995
      B) 2002
      C) 2005
      D) 2008
    173 All the foreign funds to come forward as Foreign Institutional Investments (FII) prior to any investment, are needed to register with with body?
      A) RBI
      B) SEBI
      C) Department of Economic Affairs
      D) FIPB
    174 Which in the below list is not a derivative instrument in Capital Markets?
      A) Option
      B) Dividend
      C) Swap
      D) Future
    175 As per the Solar Gregorian Calendar, year 2000 would correspond to which in the below list years of Vikram Samvat?
      A) 2050
      B) 2056
      C) 2059
      D) 2075
    176 Which in the below list of sectors is regulated by IRDA?
      A) Insurance
      B) Banking
      C) Mutual Fund
      D) Capital Market
    177 Which in the below list is first broad based benchmark of the Indian capital market?
      A) Nifty
      B) Sensex
      C) S&P; CNX 500
      D) None of These
    178 Which in the below list of stock exchanges has launched the India’s first Shariah-compliant Index?
      A) Bombay Stock Exchange
      B) National Stock Exchange
      C) Calcutta Stock Exchange
      D) MCX-SX
    179 In the language of the Investors, what does “Aunt Millie” refer to ?
      A) A Trained Investor
      B) Investors unfamiliar with investing
      C) A big investor
      D) A small / marginal investor
    180 Which in the below list is correct about an Equity Fund?
      A) It gives fixed returns
      B) It invests primarily in shares
      C) It invest in both debt and shares
      D) It assures growth in value


    Check below for Answers:










    171 Ans) National Stock Exchange
    172 Ans) 2002
    173 Ans) SEBI
    174 Ans) Divide
    175 Ans) 2056
    176 Ans) Insurance
    177 Ans) S&P; CNX 500
    178 Ans) Bombay Stock Exchange
    179 Ans) Investors unfamiliar with investing
    180 Ans) It invests primarily in shares


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